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Tasting the Kyr-Gianni Blue Tractor Rose

Just 2 weeks ago I found a wine from the Kyr-Giannis Estate waiting for me in my office at the House of Wine: It was the newest wine of the estate, the Blue Tractor rosé, which came to complete the "trilogy" of the Blue Tractor wines, dedicated to the first tractor of the estate….

A few days ago, returning from Oinorama, I told you how impressed I was with the Greek rosés, and their excellent journey towards perfection in recent years, especially since they adopted the Provence style… Today, after trying the Blue Tractor rosé by Kyr-Giannis, this finding is confirmed…

It is a single-variety Merlot, and comes to complement the very few other single-variety Greek rosè wines from this variety; unfortunately , the love of Greek varieties does not allow Greek winemakers to explore single-variety wines from an ideal rose variety like Merlot, despite the fact that they use it extensively in blends!

The first impressive property of this wine is its color: more intense and "full" than the classic rosés of Provence, but without coming close to the "classic" Greek rosés.

On the nose, light, discreet and very pleasant aromas are revealed: cherry, raspberry, strawberry, while in the mouth cherry dominates; with very good structure, intense, peppery, with good acidity and very pleasant slightly bittersweet aftertaste, it is ideal for aperitifs and for pairings with Asian cuisine dishes…

Stellios Boutaris -the Managing Director of Kyr-Gianni- informed me that the wine has just been released, so you will not find it yet if you search on the internet.

The Kyr-Gianni Estate did not certainly suffer from a lack rosé wines! With 4 rosés ahead - 3 of them Xinomavra and the fourth a blend, one could say that a fifth would be an exaggeration. However, when you try it you realize that it is not, and that it has its place among the wines of the estate: It completes the line of Blue Tractor wines, and as long as - as I believe - it will be priced according to the white and rosé of the series, it will be an exceptional value for money!


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