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Red minced meat with eggs.

Updated: May 4, 2022

It is a strange and original food, which we usually make the next day from the day we had spaghetti with minced meat: any leftover minced meat is served with 2 egg yolks and plenty of grated cheese on top! Any savory cheese you like fits, personally I usually use savory Greek kefalotyri, or mizithra (for the adventurous!) And classically an intense parmesan. It is a food of Cucina Povera, that uses remnants of food of the previous days…

If you want, it can be the basis for some clever additions: from sautéed onions to chopped vegetables (pepper, carrot) or whatever your imagination and appetite suggests!

For wine I would suggest a not so strong red that pairs perfectly with the dish, but today I dared something more original: having just attended the presentation of Daphnios Douloufakis at the House of Wine, and having tasted 6 different years of the excellent Dafnios, I succumbed to the του charm of the oldest and most complex of them, the Daphnios 2016, wonderfully aged, that I really enjoyed!

Sometimes breaking rules can give special pleasures; This is actually what I experienced today.


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