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Last night he had… Aleria!

Updated: May 4, 2022

Personally, I consider it probably the top restaurant in Athens! I have written about it several times, and I have enjoyed its dishes and wines much more. And it was no different this time either: 2 great menus, one meat-oriented (and it was the one we chose) with two versions each, depending on the number of dishes, and matching each dish with the corresponding wine.

All the dishes are fantastic, with the really unique lamb on top, which smells like "tsikna", as if it was cooked on a spit. Model of modern "interpretation" of the classic Greek lamb, as we eat it at Easter! The pairing of each dish of the menu with the wines is also excellent. Finally, the Service is exemplary: direct, friendly, with humor εις you feel like you are eating among friends!

Well done to everybody! Congratulations to the chef Gika Xenaki, I believe he is the leader in the enrichment of modern cuisine with purely Greek accents that come from the heritage of the Greek tradition. Special congratulations to the owner of Aleria Nikiforos Kechagiadakis, because there is not a time that I have visited the restaurant and it is not there! Those who are wondering about the success of some restaurants, let them look for it mainly in the owners. Nikiforos Kehagiadakis of Aleria and Fotini Pantzia of By the Glass are two typical examples…

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